Record-Breaking Equity Can Fuel Your Home Purchase in Naples or Southwest Florida

Record-Breaking Equity Can Fuel Your Home Purchase in Naples or Southwest Florida

Hi, Scott Berry here! We have been getting quite a few questions recently about equity.

We have all seen the market has shifted a bit, meaning prices are not increasing as quickly as they have been, and I want to talk to you about how equity Can make your decision to sell your home in Naples or Southwest Florida a whole lot easier.

Chances are very good that, you have a lot more equity than you may realize. And that can be a real game changer when you get ready to buy your next home.

Here’s how Equity works:

As home prices rise, and you pay down your home loan if you have one, your equity increases rapidly!

And, here’s the best part: because home prices have been rising so much, and so rapidly, your equity has likely grown quite a bit!

According to CoreLogic, over the past year alone, homeowners have gained record amounts of equity!

So, when you sell your house, you can use that equity to fuel your next move in Southwest Florida.  It may be enough to cover some – if not all – of the down payment, and it may take a big chunk out of the overall purchase price of your new home.

The average home’s equity in this country has appreciated by sixty-four thousand dollars over the past twelve months alone!, and in Naples and Southwest Florida equity appreciation is

If you call me, I am happy to Work with you to find out how much equity you have, and how you can use it to help power your next move.

Thank you so much for watching this short video, and please let me know if there are any topics you want me to talk about in the future.

As you know we love talking about Naples and Southwest Florida real estate, and Janet and I look forward to speaking with YOU soon!